About Us

About Us

The Compassionate Conversation is a podcast dedicated to discussing all aspects of veganism for today’s listener. Investigating where veganism overlaps with knowledge, culture, nutrition, activism, science, religion, and more, this show is sure to get you thinking about the world’s fastest-growing holistic lifestyle like never before. 

This podcast is hosted by married couple Brad and Lucy Johnson. Veteran vegans who have made it their mission to incorporate veganism into a comprehensive worldview, the duo have been involved in everything from book writing to hosting non-profit initiatives. Subscribe to the podcast today to fight for your health, animals, and the Earth.

About Lucy

As a vegan of three years and counting, Lucy transitioned over after one month of being vegetarian. She counts her biggest accomplishments as marrying Brad, double majoring and getting most of her Master’s, being a first-generation American, maintaining leadership roles in church for most of her life, and being a fur mom to twin boys.

About Brad

Brad has been vegan for eight years and counting. Originally not caring about diet or animals much at all, over the last few years he’s become involved in this fringe movement that’s now rapidly approaching center stage. He has published 12 books, performed in bands, hosted non-profit events, and sought for ways to help the business and artistic worlds combine forces. Already passionate about podcasting, he’s thrilled to be working on TCC with Lucy now.

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