How To Go Vegan In 5 Hours

bowl of berries
bowl of berries

I have to admit–I took a lot longer than five hours when I went vegan. 🙂 But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it in this amount of time! As one of the fastest-growing lifestyles the world has ever seen, veganism’s time has more than come and it is here to stay.

If you’ve decided to go vegan, first, thank you! You’ve come to understand the importance of not treating animals like objects, and furthermore, I’m sure you value your own health in addition to your ethical convictions. Perhaps you arrived at veganism for environmental reasons and decided that it’s time to be maximally efficient and minimally destructive with the food you put on your plate. No matter how you arrived to veganism–and this post in particular–know that you’ve made a decision that will benefit you, the planet, and the animals.

Second, it’s useful to learn from someone who has already been on this path for a few years to point you in the right direction. Here are my top four recommendations on how to go vegan in 5 hours.

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Establish Your Why, And Fuel It Regularly

What’s the number one reason you’re going vegan? Is it bigger than yourself? Are you someone who can maintain strong levels of self-discipline even if others around you have lots of questions or try to pull you down to their level?

These questions are occasionally uncomfortable, but necessary, questions to ask before you dive in. Don’t get me wrong–going vegan is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made–but it does take patience, discipline, and focus.

Don’t blame or guilt trip yourself if you pass by a few previously-beloved restaurants or fast food joints and have the sudden urge to buy a meal. It’s only human nature to crave our comfort zone and settle for what’s familiar. That being said, nothing good ever came from a comfort zone. 😉

Your desire to live in alignment with your values is not a mistake; it’s a blessing. Most people rarely have the courage to identify what their values even are. The fact that you are pursuing actions congruent with your values is worth being happy about and sticking with!

As humans we have a remarkably strong and innate ability to talk ourselves out of just about anything. This is because remaining with the predictable and familiar is easier than forging a new path and braving the unknown. In all of my own life experiences, however, I have always reaped greater benefits by challenging myself than sticking with what’s easy. I hope you find the same!

Remember to keep your vegan convictions strong over time, whether that’s attending community events, volunteering for non-profits, visiting sanctuaries, talking with others about veganism, producing content, engaging in activism, or anything else.

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Buy Supplements Today

Supplements are crucial for well-rounded and long-term vegan health, especially when learning how to go vegan in 5 hours. Contrary to popular belief, using supplements as a vegan is not “cheating” or a nutritional “loophole.” Everyone needs supplements because it’s part of staying fit and trim no matter what type of diet you adhere to. Also, most people don’t get their food from organic or local providers, and that’s if they’re even purchasing whole foods at all.

Even when you’re eating fresh, nutritious foods, there are always going to be minor nutritional gaps in your diet. This is simply human nature; no one is perfect, so no one eats perfectly either!

Another popular belief that turns out to be false is that vegans are more nutrient deficient than meat eaters. As the facts would have it, the average vegan is only deficient in three micronutrients, whereas average meat eaters are deficient in seven.

Here’s more information on the supplements you need as a vegan. Scroll towards the bottom of the page to find the seven main supplements you need, more info on them, and where to find them.

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Dedicate A Meal Planner For Small Meals

Once you’ve established your personal why, the easiest way to go and stay vegan is using a committed meal planner for small and daily meals. Don’t try to become a “super vegan” who has everything figured out and never struggles with anything, even when you’re learning how to go vegan in 5 hours. There’s no need to be pretentious or act hasty like this!

Use a simple meal planner that allows you to chart out at least one week’s meals in advance (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and maybe a snack or two). Leveraging the help of Google, Pinterest, recipe books, Amazon, friends and family, and more, write down a few appealing meal ideas to get you started.

Focus on fun, delicious, easy, and nutritious (it even rhymes! 🙂 ). If you plan out meals that hit all four (or at least three) of these tenets, you can’t go wrong. Remember to add to your diet before you remove from it, as well. Most of the time it’s only challenging to stick with veganism if you’re subtracting foods from your diet without contributing new foods and meal ideas to it.

If you feel really stuck, check out these resources:

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Remember To Make The Connection

The number one reason people quit veganism prematurely (or when reading about how to go vegan in 5 hours) is because they forgot to, or stopped making the connection between, what their food is (or who it is) and where it came from. We are culturally indoctrinated not to think about our food sources, both for plant and animal foods, but especially animal foods. This force of indoctrination has been taking place for centuries so don’t be surprised or feel bad if it takes some time to develop this habit.

One of the simplest ways to remind yourself that meat, cheese, eggs, and other foods like honey come from animals is to have a personal, tangible reminder of some kind. For example, you could buy a t-shirt that says “animals are friends, not food” or a similar phrase. You could also buy a book that talks about how animals are cruelly turned into food, so you learn more about the process that they’re subjected to. There are countless videos online, too, documenting the horrors of factory farms, animal abuse, and the ghastly conditions animals worldwide are unjustly forced into.

Whatever you decide to do, do something that speaks to you, and wear it / use it / display it / keep it as a reminder of why you went vegan, and why you want to remain vegan.

We hope this post helped you see the ease and simplicity of going vegan in a short amount of time! Check out additional blog posts for more fun and informative reads on the vegan lifestyle.

*** NOTE *** This blog post and its contents are NOT intended to replace, serve, or function as professional medical, nutritional, or health advice. The Compassionate Conversation staff is not comprised of medical professionals nor are we licensed to offer nutritional or medical consultations.

Use this post and its information at your own discretion.

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