How To Stay Full On A Vegan Diet

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When you make a big change to your diet, you’ll likely experience a few differences from how you normally feel when you eat. One aspect of diet that many people know is meat proteins digest a lot more slowly than plant proteins, so your definition of feeling full and nourished is probably going to change. Eating plants instead of animals, however, has a cornucopia of health advantages, and it’s easy to remain satiated when you know what to do. Multiple vegans have discovered different practical ways to deal with this, so read below for our recommendations on how to stay full on a vegan diet.

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Eat More Fruit

One way to stay fuller longer is increase the amount of fruit that you eat. Fruit can last for a little while without spoiling and it’s easy to carry with you to work or on short trips to do chores and errands. Fruit is also super high in fiber and that will contribute to both filling you up and keeping your gut healthy by easily getting rid of toxins. You can even get your fruit in the form of a smoothie if you have the time and resources to make them at home.

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Eat Starchy Veggies

Starchy vegetables are the most filling among the vegetables. It’s easy to get full and stay full when you have meals involving such foods. Feel free to make your helping of potatoes just a little larger, and good organic potatoes are always preferable if you can find them. Many of these veggies will also be high in vitamin C and vitamin A and help protect you from the damage caused by free radicals. Boiled potatoes have been associated with more stable blood sugar. This regulation of blood sugar will also help you to stay energy efficient and protect you from getting caught in loops of lethargy.

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Keep Nuts and Dried Fruit Handy

Another great way to keep yourself full is keep nonperishable snacks like nuts and seeds around. These fill you up effortlessly, and give you some much-needed nutritional power against that midday drowsiness. Nuts and seeds are also excellent sources of natural fats and protein. You can take a small bag of nuts with you just about anywhere and they are almost universally accepted as health foods at grocery stores and restaurants.

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