Veganism 101

Veganism 101

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What is veganism?

It’s the baseline view that all non-human animals deserve compassionate, peaceful, and loving treatment, and protection if and when necessary.

It’s also the belief that any unjust harm towards animals is wrong, whether that comes in the form of confinement, artificial breeding, enslavement, violence, torture, killing, or any other use of force.

Below we’ve compiled our favorite vegan educational and news resources, as well as vegan brands to help you get started.

Our Favorite Vegan Resources

LIVEKINDLY (vegan news; interviews; articles; excerpts; recipes; vegan fashion; product reviews)

Mic the Vegan (vegan YouTube show covering all aspects of vegan nutrition, research, advocacy, animal behavior, and social psychology)

ADAPTT — Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow (vegan lifestyle tips; shopping tips; vegan ethical articles)

Vegan Street (vegan recipes; memes; news; facts; research)

One Green Planet (vegan recipes; news; animal facts; pictures; petitions; articles; stories)

The Legacy of Pythagoras (vegan ethical arguments; articles; analysis of culture and psychology as it relates to veganism)

Master List of Vegan Info (vegan research; resources; links; education; vegan arguments)

Your Vegan Fallacy Is (common anti-vegan arguments and rebuttals; links to resources; vegan and animal facts)

VegNews (vegan news; product reviews; health and beauty reviews and info; recipes; interviews)

Beyond Carnism (vegan education; advocacy; speakers; articles) (all things vegan nutrition and lifestyle)

Our Favorite Vegan Brands

Beyond Meat (burgers; hot dogs; meat crumbles)

JUST Egg / Hampton Creek Foods (eggs; mayo)

Gardein (sausages; chickenless; porkless; beefless; fishless)

Impossible Foods (burger patties)

Violife (cheese shreds and blocks)

Chao / Field Roast (sausages; cheese; turkeyless; meatless)

Sweet Earth (bowls; sausages; bacon; not all their products are vegan, but many are)

Amy’s (microwaveable and easy-make meals; not all their products are vegan, but many are)

Hilary’s (sausages; burger patties; grain medleys; veggie bites)

Silk (dairy-free products)

Oatly (dairy-free products)

Mooala (dairy-free products)

Good Karma (dairy-free products)

So Delicious (dairy-free products)

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